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Caregiver ID is a program that recognizes caregivers as essential partners in care.


This program, which was created by the Ontario Caregiver Organization and adapted for initial rollout in Algoma at Sault Area Hospital, identifies, prioritizes, and equips caregivers with the tools they need to provide high quality care for their loved ones.

Caregivers are integral to the patient journey.


They are family or friends that provide critical, and often ongoing, support and care for people in need of support due to frailty, illness, degenerative disease, physical/cognitive/mental disability, or end of life circumstances. Caregiver presence can help with physical care, mental well-being, and social support for patients.

Caregiver Janine with mother Iside

Essential caregiver Janine with mother Iside.

Caregiver ID
Two Wave Wide Block

In Algoma, Caregiver ID has been launched at Sault Area Hospital and is now being rolled out into the community.


To help Algoma organizations implement the program, we have created a toolkit with a series of customizable resources. 

Caregiver ID Guide
Caregiver ID Summary Report


Caregiver ID Program at Sault Area Hospital

Sault Area Hospital, 2021​

Caregiver ID: Formal Recognition of the Caregiving Role

The Ontario Caregiver Organization

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