Visit the Community Wellness Bus

Welcome to the Community Wellness Bus!

The Community Wellness Bus (CWB) is all about meeting people where they are.

We want to provide easier access to health and social services, improve health outcomes, and reduce gaps in mental health and addictions care.

Any and all are welcome to visit the CWB! The bus will be available at several downtown locations throughout the week on a regular schedule. The CWB isn’t meant to replace existing services, but instead to fill gaps, make connections, and provide resources!

Two Wave Wide Block
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Connections to


Asset 5@4x.png

Someone to

talk to

Asset 6@4x.png

Support for

basic needs

Asset 8@4x.png

Harm reduction supplies

Asset 4@4x.png

First aid treatment

Asset 9@4x.png

Light snacks and refreshments

Please note that supplies vary from day to day based on availability and how many people visit the bus.

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