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Did you know? Mainpro+® credits are available for family physicians who participate in AOHT activities.


The Ontario College of Family Physicians (OCFP) recognizes the applied learning that comes from engagement in transformational change.  To this end, the OCFP has designed a unique professional development program to offer Mainpro® credits for physicians who participate in an Ontario Health Team (OHT).  

Through the Ontario Health Teams Planning and Delivery of Integrated Care Program, physicians will earn 1.0 Mainpro+® credit for each hour they spend with their OHT, advancing local priorities and working toward at least one of the following program learning objectives:

  • Define the vision of their local OHT within the context of their local priority populations 

  • Interpret their practice and community-level data to define and create plans around integrated care for the priority patient populations within their OHT

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  • Analyze their patient-level data to proactively identify those who have the greatest needs and establish a plan for coordinating services from multiple sectors to ensure these needs are met through a Patient Medical Home/Neighbourhood lens

  • Develop an approach to the OHT implementation based on analysis of the gaps between population needs and local resources, and reflecting the OHT building blocks designed by the local team and the general timelines for any changes that are likely to affect them

  • Describe the priority populations identified for focus by their local team


The OHT Planning and Delivery of Integrated Care Toolkit offers detailed program information, including an overview, an outline of participant roles, and step-by-step processes for earning and claiming up to 60 Mainpro+ certified Group Learning credits per year.

All family physicians need to submit a Summary of Activities form to claim their Mainpro+® credits.  Certificates will be emailed once after each credit cycle.  Certificates will be issued by January, 2021 for credits earned from July 1 to December 31, 2020.


All OHT family physicians are encouraged to complete a short survey (requires fewer than 5 minutes) to help inform planning of future programs.  It is recommended this survey be completed after all sessions that include a guest speaker and, at a minimum, once in each 6-month period for regular working discussions.


This program is a little different than most Continuing Professional Development programs, as it reflects the complexity of collective learning to systematically identify priority populations and develop and implement action plans for system transformation.


The OCFP is committed to supporting the clinical leadership of family physicians who are contributing to the work of their OHT and is pleased to recognize this learning through certification of the program.

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