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Healthy Aging

Working together to improve the health of Algoma's older adults.

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What is Healthy Aging?

This project aims to improve supports for frail adults and their caregivers. There are currently five projects underway: Post-fall Pathway, Patient Navigation, Early Frailty Identification, Coordinated Access to Geriatric Services, and Outpatient Geriatric Rehabilitation.



Community organizations engaged represented by 21 subject matter experts.


Community organizations engaged.


Community partners engaged in project work.


Physician leads actively participating in projects.


Frailty Identification

This project involves screening older adults for frailty when they visit their providers. By screening for frailty, we are able to connect people to support. The purpose of this connection is to ensure that people remain healthy, at home, and enjoy a good quality of life.

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Coordinated Access
to Geriatric Services

This project aims to achieve seamless access to services for frail older adults. It also aims to improve coordination by utilizing technology already in existence. 

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Dec. 2022

New Geriatric Referral Form Pilot launch.

Jan. 2023

PDSA Cycle 1 completed and data compiled.


Dec. 2021

Healthy Aging funding was approved.

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Outpatient Geriatric Rehabilitation

This project aims to keep older adults healthy and independent in the community. This goal will be achieved by helping patients through their rehabilitation journey.


This project has now transitioned to a health service provider (Sault Area Hospital).

Interested in getting involved in Healthy Aging? 

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